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     “Fish & Fashion” is an action and adventure-packed memoir filled with true stories of exciting, real-life experiences in both the international fishing and fashion industries. “Fish & Fashion” encompasses actual stories about Asian-American history, modern-day pirates, numerous high-profile celebrities in Hollywood, and very unusual spiritual encounters.

           Mari L. Kimura, is a second generation Japanese American woman residing in Los Angeles, California. To describe her in one sentence, “She has Japanese blood, an American mentality and a Latin heart.” Her work has been viewed by millions around the world.

           The story starts when Mari’s father immigrated to America and explains how he invented the famous sushi dish known as the “California Roll” back in the 1950s, the mysterious history of which has never before been revealed. In the late 1970s Mari worked in the fishing industry, during which time she encountered modern-day pirates and dangerous situations related to her work. In the 1980s, Mari changed careers and became a successful Hollywood fashion stylist and costume designer. She met and dealt with many celebrities, some of whom were not yet as famous (or infamous) as they are now. “Fish & Fashion” features stories about Mari’s interactions with celebrities such as: Donny Osmond and the Osmond Family, Bill Gates, “king of pop” Michael Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Barry Manilow, Earth Wind & Fire, Alyssa Milano Arnold Schwarzenegger, Little Richard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Paula Abdul, Winona Ryder and many others.

         The following sample chapter reflects on Mari's experience 

meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mari was literally stuck in a motor home for 

two days during a sandstorm in the Mojave Desert with Arnold! Check out 

part of the story....

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